Long Exposure

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  • A long exposure of a rock formation sitting in the ocean.
    $149.00$254.08 + VAT for Bahamian residents
    SPOTLIGHT Dreams How it was made. I created this because I love the idea of long exposures with color. Many people create these in monochrome.  
  • Pastel colored fine art photography featuring long exposure.table with oriental vase and fine art photo on wall.
    $149.00$254.08 + VAT for Bahamian residents

    As a small child, I remember being transfixed by the animated film from 1940 set to classical music. The narrator was the conductor from a live orchestra.  It was an amazing technical accomplishment if you think about it from a color and musical perspective.  At the time my father would have been two years old.  Making this felt like a nod to Disney.   A portrait orientation of the photo “Long Cay Time Travel”.

  • Grey mist surrounds an island frozen in time.
    $149.00$254.08 + VAT for Bahamian residents

    I spend so much time meditating out here.  It doesn’t matter how unruly the wind or how cold or hot.  A physical place one can go to think is quite rare and can’t be priced.

  • A long exposure of an island in The Bahamas.
    $149.00$254.08 + VAT for Bahamian residents

    A creative take on the enervating monochromatic long exposure.  Why wouldn’t any photographer use these colors?

  • A long exposure of tidal pools in The Bahamas.
    $149.00$254.08 + VAT for Bahamian residents
    SPOTLIGHT Reflections How it was made. I was trying to teach myself long exposure photography with a pack of cheap filters bought online.  While trying to adjust my tripod, I fell and bumped my head on the slippery rocks in the darkness.  I haven't noticed any behavioral changes in the [...]
  • A long exposure of Long Cay at blue hour.
    $149.00$254.08 + VAT for Bahamian residents

    Perhaps someone will find a use for my photos while meditating on life, and forget their troubles.

  • A long exposure of a dock at Jaws Beach in New Providence, Bahamas.
    $149.00$254.08 + VAT for Bahamian residents

    This was my attempt to call myself a “real” landscape photographer.  The traditional monochromatic slow shutter speed photograph of a dock.