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Shopping Basics

Shipping to Bahamian residents is free.  FedEx, DHL and UPS are all available for international customers, but they are expensive.  The alternative is Express Mail Service, which typically will arrive within two weeks. 

I generally don’t accept returns but will do a partial refund if there’s a defect in quality or the item was irreparably damaged during shipping.

As a small business owner, I generally stand to lose a lot of money from unhappy customers, so I will endeavor to make you whole in the event your order does not meet expectations.  However, due to the cost involved in shipping items internationally, it would be difficult to make a living if I accepted returns.

Yes! I put FedEx next day shipping as an option for those customers who want their items sooner, but the price is subject to change based on the date of ship, generally in the area of $200.  If the price is different than the estimate, I will email you to discuss options.


Credit and Debit payments are accepted through my website, which uses Stripe.  Paypal is also accepted for those customers who do not wish to share their card number on my system, however, PayPal generally is not the best option for small business owners due to the high fees they charge us.

Yes! However, you should always be weary of sharing your card information online, and that includes my website as well.  Any digital platform is subject to breeches of personal data.  Paypal is an option if you want to withhold your credentials.

There is no sales tax in The Bahamas, but domestic transactions are subject to VAT.  International customers do not pay VAT.

Shipping & Returns

You are welcome to return your purchase in the event there is a defect in quality, but I’m only able to defray your shipping costs in part. For this reason, I generally don’t accept returns.

It can take up to a month for Paypal or Stripe issue a refund to me, you will be refunded at that time.

Just contact me and we will work something out.  Click on Contact, under the Company heading at the bottom of the page. Please allow me up to 24 hours to respond.

Please use the Contact link found at the bottom of this page.


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