About Us

“Visual storytelling from the islands of The Bahamas”

Our History

Setting Industry Standards

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Satisfied customers worldwide and growing

Est. 2017

Our Story

I started taking photos in late 2017 as therapy for health struggles I was coping with.  I bought an entry level mirrorless camera on eBay for parts.  I discovered Unsplash and started contributing to the public domain, because I knew the place I lived was unusually beautiful.

After getting more than 100k downloads of my photos and over 15 million views, I thought I should try to make some money from them.  Rather than sell my photos to stock image websites like Getty or iStock, where I would end up losing control of the copyrights and possibly sued if I used my own photos, I decided to sell them over my own platform.  Thank you for supporting me.

Michael and I have known each other since high school, that was over 25 years ago, though we don’t feel that old.  Saskia, his wife, has been conscripted to help me with marketing.  They are both based in The Hauge.

If you are in need of web development solutions, please contact Mike and Saskia.  Their company is Iseard Media.

Our Future

Growing Fast

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Regional offices around the world

Core Values

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Cruises & Water Tours

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